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Sewing Cabinet Lift Opening Sizes

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30 1/2″ W x 14 1/2″ D


20 3/4″ W x 11″ D


22 1/2″ W x 11 1/2″ D


23 3/4″ W x 12 1/2″ D


19″ W x 12 1/2″ D


17 3/4″ W x 7 1/2″ D


18 7/8″ W x 12 9/16″ D

For Example:

Notice the different lift opening sizes on Wallaby II Sewing Cabinet and Susan Sewing Cabinet! The size of your sewing machine will ultimately decide which sewing cabinet is the perfect match!

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Wallaby II Sewing Cabinet (A7)

Like most of our signature sewing cabinets, Wallaby II Sewing Cabinet features an A7 Lift Opening – meaning it can accommodate sewing machines 23 2/4″ W x 12 1/2″ D in size, and up to 55lbs in weight. A premium sewing machine may need to look for a larger lift opening. 

Betsy Sewing Cabinet (A14)

Betsy Sewing Cabinet by Americana Luxury Sewing Furniture is specifically designed to accommodate the largest sewing machines on the market. Outfitted with an A14 Lift Opening, this electric lift can accommodate sewing machines 30 1/2″ W x 14 1/2″ D in size, and up to 65lbs in weight.

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