Sewing Furniture 101

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Sewing Cabinets

Sewing cabinets provide a dedicated workstation for an enhanced sewing experience, and a permanent home for your sewing machine! They’re ergonomically designed with adjustable sewing machine heights, dynamic crafting storage, and lots of worksurface! Plus, they collapse to a small, home-friendly footprint!

Sewing Tables

Just like sewing cabinets, sewing tables are designed to enhance your sewing experience! Sewing tables are collapsible and compact, but aren’t outfitted with built-in storage. Most importantly, they typically feature a 2-position manual lift to provide free arm and flat bed sewing options! 

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Sewing Chairs

Sewing chairs are designed to bring lumbar support and extended comfort for long hours behind your sewing machine! Our height adjustable chairs provide a 360° swivel base, an under the seat storage compartment, and fabrics bright enough to light up any sewing studio!

Storage Cabinets

Sewers and quilters all crave one thing: organization! A tidy workspace means more time sewing, and less time searching! Dedicated storage provides a one-stop shop for fabric, thread, scissors, in-progress quilts, and even some chocolate! Save valuable time setting up and tearing down your workstation! 

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Cutting Tables

Let’s cut to the chase! Cutting tables provide a dedicated cutting area in your sewing area, and bring added comfort for the many, many, many yards of fabric you’ll soon be cutting! They can be paired with a pinnable cutting mat, and typically feature additional storage at their base!

Custom Acrylic Sewing Inserts

Custom acrylic sewing inserts are designed to fill the gap between your sewing machine and sewing cabinet opening for a completely flush sewing surface. This ergonomic worksurface will allow for straighter stitches, less fatigue and a wildly better sewing experience!

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Will My Sewing Machine Fit?

It’s the #1 question we’re asked! Just like sewing machines – sewing cabinets come in various shapes and sizes! Find the perfect match!

What Are Sewing Lifts?

If you’re used to sewing on dining room table, you’re in the right place! Learn about sewing lifts, and the benefits of  multiple sewing positions.